About EFestival Coupons:

Welcome to Efestival Coupons!


About Efestival’s Journey:

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When we first started Efestival, we wanted to make a tech information blog that would help aspiring website owners learn more about how to make their first website. We wanted to make registering a domain name, finding web hosting plans and setting up a new WordPress site as easy as can be.

What Happened?

My lord, when we started searching for deals on web hosting and domain names to pass onto customers, the coupon sites were terrible! They were full of expired and never-valid codes that were worse than useless.

A New Way.

So, we’ve decided to try it a different way: we’re going to be the go-to coupon website for webmasters from now on. We’re only going to make pages for products that are relevant for website owners. On top of that, we’re going to have valid codes, and we’ll have the best ones on top.

What Types of Coupons We Do We Feature?

Right now we’re going to start with hosting providers and domain registrars. These are companies where you can register your domain name and get your website hosted. And yes, there are plenty of companies that offer both of these services. GoDaddy, for example, is the world’s biggest hosting company and domain registrar.


Ready To Get Started?

Great! We have our coupon section featured below. After that, you can check out our how-to guides that’ll get you all the way started from an idea into a full-on website.

How To Use Our Coupons:

Let’s say you have a plan for a website, and you’re about to sign up for a new hosting plan. First off: congratulations on taking action! But of course you can save up to 90% off this whole cost if you use a discount code. So, here’s what you do:
Head to one of our hosting coupon pages and scroll through the list until you find the right deal for you.
Either the blue coupon button will say ‘Reveal Deal’ or ‘Get Deal’.
If it says ‘Reveal Deal’, then that means there’s an actual promo code that you need to copy and paste into checkout at your chosen hosting provider.
If it says ‘Get Deal’, then that means that it’s either a link-activated discount (clicking certain links can sometimes change the pricing on a website!), or it’s a limited-time offer that the website has enabled by default. The coupon button itself should tell you in the ‘details’ section what you need to do to get the discounted price.