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GoDaddy Renewal Coupon

The Best Renewal Promo Codes Right Now:

Godaddy’s New Way For You To Get Codes For Renewals:

Now that GoDaddy has stopped offering new renewal promo codes (see the note below titled: Important Update), how you do you get these codes? You can request them. Seriously. You can call their support line and ask for one. These codes are one-time use only and will only work for you. Sometimes they do give them out, and sometimes they don’t. But it’s worth a shot!

The other way is to join the domain discount club. When you’re in there, you’ll get discounts on renewals that will save you a lot of money. The more domains you own, the more it makes sense to invest in it.


An Important Update on GoDaddy’s Promo Codes For Renewals:

Back in 2014, GoDaddy made the decision to cancel their coupons meant for existing customers. There are still a few floating around out there, and we’ll feature them until they run out.

Why did Go Daddy do this? We’re guessing it’s related to them preparing their company for their IPO, which happened shortly afterwards. We mean, this sucks, and we apologize to all of GoDaddy’s customers for this.

How to use GoDaddy’s promo codes to save money on your order:

godaddy renewals coupon

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