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Download the app to have the best ancestry dna coupons or ancestry coupons in the palm of your hands with the ancestry app. The app does everything except collect the DNA sample itself! And from the app, you’ll receive your personalized certificate of ancestry authenticating your results. But the genetic journey doesn’t end: you can join the exclusive african ancestry online community facebook group.

Compared to 23andme, ancestry has a huge database of dna matches and can link your dna results to your family. wpoeijlkfdkl;a;g

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You can discover your family’s history with ancestry uk & ancestry dna canada. Maybe you’ll have a long lost family history at ancestry!

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When is the best chance to save money at ancestry?’s sale season is usually around major holidays. Father’s Day has a sale to help trace paternal DNA, and mother’s day has sales for tests on maternal DNA. Black Friday and St. Patrick’s Day are two other big Ancestry sale promotion dates.


Ancestry helps you connect with others that share your ancestry. There are are numerous positive ancestry dna test reviews from genealogy enthusiasts.