Review Roundup: 5 Wearable Internet of Things Devices and GoDaddy

What is the Internet of Things? It’s the increasing number of items we own that connect to the internet to provide us with better service and data tracking. There are smart phones of course, but also smart fridges, coffee makers, and heating systems. Today’s review roundup will feature 5 wearable IoT devices, as well as GoDaddy with focus on their web hosting and domain name registration services.

GoDaddy, the World’s Largest Domain Registrar

For a long time GoDaddy’s claim to fame has been just that: they have more domains registered with them than any other company in the world. That still holds true, although the discontinuation of coupons that are valid specifically for domain renewals after the company’s IPO a few years ago has slowed down their popularity a little. Now, they do still have some general purpose promo codes that will work for domain renewals, and if you have a lot of domains registered with them then you are eligible for the discount domain club. They also have decently priced basic web hosting packages, and if they are also your domain registrar then it’s very easy to keep everything in one place.

wearable internet of things

And now onto our wearable IoT items, these are our top 5 from this week.

1.UP3 Health Tracker

UP3 is a smart, lightweight bracelet that tracks your heart health, sleep patterns, and activity levels. UP3 uses bioimpedance to measure your heart rate when you wake up and at regular intervals throughout the day, so you can see how stress and daily activities affect your heart health. UP3 also monitors your sleep and activity levels, giving you tips on how to get more rest and achieve your fitness goals.

2.Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor

Owlet is a smart wireless sock with a sensor, that alerts you if your baby stops breathing. Owlet uses a medical technology called pulse oximetry to accurately measure heart rate and oxygen levels. If the readings are abnormal, the device turns from green to red and sounds an alarm. The Owlet Monitor has been shown to generate 10X less false alarms than regular baby movement monitors. Owlet comes in three sock sizes and fits babies up to one year and a half.

3.Leo Fitness Tracker

Leo is a sophisticated fitness tracker that measures heart rate, speed, calories, muscle fatigue, muscle coordination, balance, and lactic acid levels, to help you better achieve your fitness goals. Leo translates the complex information it gathers into personalized warnings and recommendations, making sure that you train as hard as you can without pushing your natural limits.

4.Angel Sensor

Angel Sensor is a wristband that monitors your vital signs, helping you make better health decisions. Angel Sensor tracks your heart rate, temperature, consumed calories, activity levels, sleep quality, acceleration, and orientation. Angel Sensor was designed to also served as a platform for mobile health developers and offers unrestricted real-time access  to its sensors and full ownership of the data it collects.

5.Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle is a durable, waterproof, on-collar device that uses live GPS tracking to tell you where your pet is at any given time. The Whistle App lets you choose a safe area and immediately sends you an alert when your pet leaves this area, so you can track them on the map. Whistle also tracks your pet’s activity levels, sleeping patterns and long-term health trends, helping you keep your best friend in the best possible shape.

Wearable technology is becoming more and more efficient and unobtrusive and is promising to change the way we see and interact with our bodies. From fitness and health trackers that can measure things as complex as muscle fatigue and REM sleep, to baby monitors that can alert you if the baby stops breathing, these amazing gadgets will help us stay healthier, fitter, and give us the peace of mind you deserve.